Offering product development to all industrial products with laboratory back-up

Providing products & analytical services to the Metal Finishing Industry

Providing cutting edge products with cost effective solutions

We are a leading supplier of anodizing and electroplating chemicals, industrial polishing and welding consumables, finishing products for Stainless Steel, water treatments and complete powder coating specialist.  We stock and carry an extensive range of ready to use chemicals at our warehouse and manufacturing laboratory in Hillcrest, offering products and analytical services to the Metal Finishing Industry.  We are also a leading supplier of manual, automatic powder coating equipment, automatic electrostatic powder coating gun, powder optimization equipment and powder recovery system.


Anodizing Chemicals

We supply a full range of anodizing chemicals from sealants, additives, dyes, de-oxidizers, etch additives and cleaners.


Electroplating chemicals

Suppliers of high quality plating with excellent adhesion in Nickel, Copper, Cadmium, Zinc, Silver, Chrome & More


Buffing & polishing consumables

We have a wide variety of polishing and buffing consumables, also offering advice & technical information on this industry


Stainless Steel finishing products

Entek Chemicals specializes in stainless steel surface finishes that are corrosion resistant, anti-bacterial and offer a flawless finish product.


Industrial consumables

Offering products that gets the job done, lean production times and running costs in modern day factories require it as a standard.


Plant & Equipment

We specialize in this industry and guarantee that you will save time and money, simultaneously increasing production times


Vibratory Machine

Vibratory tumbler and polishing machines are used to debuur, radius, descale, clean and brighten a large number…


Welding consumables

Entek also offers a wide range of European imported welding consumable for whatever material you are welding


Water Treatments

Water treatment info and images below…If we could adapt the heading and so on


We have formed an international synergy with PPG Industries, a market leader and power brand in Europe, with cutting edge technical support, product updates and testing that delivers unparalleled laboratory innovations, sustainability and growth. We also have a considerable history within the metal finishing industry, developing an electro polishing method still used today, even by some of our competitors. We are here to assist your business and or investment grow, building a dynamic partnership with solid experience and hands on technical support, please feel free to contact us with any questions or further information, we look forward to hearing from you.

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